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Pediatrician Dr. Shruti Jadhav

Dr. Shruti Jadhav is a consultant pediatrician MBBS, MD(Mumbai). Panel consultant Columbia Asia Hospital and Motherhood Hospital. Dr Shruti Jadhav is a leading pediatrician in Kharadi Pune. She has done her post-graduation from prestigious TNMC & BYL Nair hospital Mumbai. Her vast experience of more than 10 years ranges from newborn kids to adolescent age group. Her area of expertise -Pediatric Pulmonology(Recurrent cough cold and asthma).

Total Work Experience

  • Dr. Shruti Jadhav has 6 months experience in the I.C.C.U Department in the Municipal Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, before her post-graduation degree in February 2006 – July 2006.
  • Moreover, she has worked for 6 registered posts in the Nair Hospital, Mumbai in the Department of Pediatrics from 2006–2009.
  • Dr. Shruti even worked in a Fellowship program in the Pediatric Nephrology Department at the Wadia Hospital, Mumbai.
  • She has even worked as an Assistant Professor in T.N.M.C & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital since August 2009 till June 2015.
  • From July 2015 till October 2018, Dr. Shruti Jadhav worked as a full-time Pediatrician in the Columbia Asia Hospital.

Responsibilites Held

  • Worked as Assistant Professor in NICU with Unit for 3 years.
  • Attended emergencies independently 2 times a week as per departmental protocols.
  • Performed procedures like surfactant administration, exchange transfusion, umbilical catheterisation etc.
  • Incharge of HDU services in the NICU.
  • Incharge of post graduate teaching for the department.
  • Faculty member of the Mumbai Breastfeeding Promotion Committee.


  • Original article : “clinical profile of poisoning in children : a hospital based study” published in International Journal of Cotemporary Pediatrics 2016.
  • Published case report titled “Acute Motor Axonal Neuropathy in HIV Infection” in Indian Journal of Pediatrics (IJP) indexed with pubmed.
  • Manuscript titled “Letter to the editor: keeping the dialogue going” published in Journal of The Association of Physicians of India 2015.
  • Manuscript titled “Neonatal Carnitine Palmitoyl transferase II Deficiency: A Lethal Entity” published in “Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research” 2016.
  • Manuscript titled “Methylmalonic Acidemia –A Rare Inborn Error Of Metabolism” published in “Indian Journal Of Neonatal Medicine And Research”2016.
  • Hirschprung’s Disease associated with Alopecia Universalis Congenita: a case report” published in “Journal Of Medical Case Reports”2016.
  • Published Chapter titled “When Baby Doesn’t Cry” in Book titled “Principles Of Critical Care In Obstretics Vol II”.
  • Manuscript titled “Epignathus leading to fatal airway obstruction in a a neonate” published in Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research in Jan 2017 Vol 11(1).

Paper Presentation

  • Presented oral paper entitled “H1N1 Infection with HIV -TB co-infection” at the Pre-conference workshop on Perinatal HIV intervention & Pediatric AIDS, World HIV congress 2010.
  • Presented posters entitled “Empyema in newborn” and “Transient myeloproliferative disorder in Down’s syndrome” at the NEOCON 2008.
  • Presented poster entitled “Nursing care of a neonate with osteogenesis imperfecta” at PEDICON 2011.
  • Presented posters entitled “Intrauterine infection in Neonates-A case series”, “Congenital lymphedema – a rare case entity in neonates”, “Alopecia universalis congenita in a neonate”, “Osteogenesis imperfecta in neonates – a case series” at Pedicon 2015.