Wear Your Mask Scientifically

Wear Your Mask Scientifically – It will reduce the transmission of the virus

Research has proven that the mask is a powerful tool to limit the spread of the virus. It provides protection against not only coronavirus but also many airborne infections like TB, flu. Wearing a mask is a definite advantage to both individuals and the people around them.

Let us unmask the myths and embrace new norms to save lives.

Wear Your Mask Scientifically_Dr Shruti Jadhav

  • General public can use fabric/cloth masks.
  • Fabric masks should have 3 layers
  • Clean your hands before putting it on
  • Inspect the mask and do not wear a dirty or soiled mask
  • Cover your mouth, nose and chin
  • Do not wear a loose mask
  • Do not take your mask off to talk
  • Do not reposition or adjust it by touching the front of the mask
  • Change your mask once it is dirty or wet
  • To take off the mask clean your hands first
  • Remove it by straps behind the head or ears
  • Clean your hands after taking off any mask
  • Do not share mask with others
  • Do not wear masks while exercising instead maintain a distance of 1 meter from others
  • No masks for babies under 2 or anyone who is unable to remove the mask without assistance
  • Masks are not a replacement for physical distancing and hand hygiene

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Why is vaccination essential during COVID pandemic?

WHO and UNICEF has already alerted an alarming decline in the number of children vaccinated during the COVID pandemic.

It might result in a surge of vaccine-preventable diseases (vpds) worldwide, which may be an additional burden for the already stressed health care system.

During the Ebola outbreak, 2014-2015 deaths due to vpds (measles malaria tuberculosis) exceeded Ebola deaths.

Amidst pandemic, we all are eagerly waiting for a vaccine against corona but on the other hand, missing out all essentials vaccines against fatal diseases. Vaccine-preventable diseases (like influenza, pneumonia) lead to reduced immunity and make an individual more prone to COVID infection.

There is no risk of immunizing a well-child during a pandemic. Vaccinations can be certainly carried out with all safety precautions.

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