Studies have shown that there are more advantages of reading books than watching screen. Child Specialist in Kharadi Dr. Shruti Jadhav here sharing some important points of Book reading Vs Screen watching.


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Screen VS Books:

1. Too much screen exposure causes loss of imagination

VS reading increases creativity and imagination

2.Screen exposure causes speech delay and language problems

VS reading improves vocabulary

3.Screen exposure results in behavioral disorders (impulsive behavior, mood swings, etc.)

VS reading lowers stress level and improves mental health

4.Screen causes sleep disruption

VS reading calms your brain and improves sleep quality

5.Too much screen exposure leads to poor academic performance

VS reading improves memory and concentration


Dr. Shruti Jadhav is the best Child Specialist in Kharadi, she is having 10 years of experience in this field. Her area of expertise Pediatric Pulmonology (Recurrent cough cold and asthma). She worked as a full-time Child specialist in the Columbia Asia Hospital Kharadi.