It has been perceived that in the last year since the Covid 19 outbreak, parental fear to visit the hospital vaccination centers or clinics with their children for routine vaccination has increased.


During the past few decades, India has achieved a substantial reduction in the prevalence of vaccine-preventable diseases driven in large part by the ongoing administration of routinely recommended pediatric vaccines.


As and when the Covid 19 vaccination is recognized by the government and becomes available based on the trial findings, it can be given to the children in near future. Till then routine vaccination and Covid 19 prevention appropriate procedure are what we need to follow and this needs to be emphasized to the parents and caretakers.


As of now, Monsoon season puts children at high risk of various infections. Vaccination can be carried out with all safety precautions, frequent sanitization, spaced appointments & social distancing. Vaccination can protect your child from Monsoon-related illnesses like Hepatitis A Typhoid diarrhea flu etc.


Routine immunization is essential to make sure that we keep other epidemics away. Immunizations not only protect your child from deadly diseases, such as polio, tetanus, and diphtheria, but they also keep other children safe by eliminating or greatly decreasing serious diseases that used to spread from child to child. Vaccinations save lives and prevent the health complications that would come from catching real diseases.


Anticipated 3rd wave is likely to affect children more so strengthen your child’s immunity with routine vaccination. Delaying vaccines could leave you, your child, your family, and your society at risk for disease.