ABC For Your Baby’s Safety! Always Be Careful

As a parent you would want to be at your child’s disposal at all times, but, this cannot always be feasible. There might be a few situations where your child would be lonely at a few places such as parks, schools, and sometimes also at home. It is important to teach your child to take care of a few things on his/her own at an early age to help them develop into a more mature adult. All you have to do is to prepare them with some basic rules of safety to guarantee their well-being when you are not around.

Safety begins at Home

Here we reveal some safety tips that you require to train your kids with when they are alone at home:

  1. Kids should keep all the windows and doors locked and should not open them for strangers.
  2. Keep electronics and other objects away from the child’s range to avoid any unexpected injuries.
  3. Move the items which are around the tub.
  4. Leaving them alone in the bathroom or the kitchen can direct to accidents & damages.
  5. Teach them not to run on the staircase and rather be cautious while climbing up or down.

Look before you Lock – Car Safety Tips

Dr. Shruti Jadhav has highlighted few tips which you need to keep in mind:

  1. Never let your child be alone in the car.
  2. Always make sure you lock the seat belt properly.
  3. Always be selective of toys. Toys with sharpened edges might hurt your child while traveling.
  4. Be alert and always be assured that your child keeps arms and head inside the vehicle.

Stranger Danger

These 5 simple rules will help your child to grow a strong perception of stranger safety basics.

  1. If any stranger gives your child something to eat teach him/her to deny it.
  2. General communication can protect your kid’s life. Friendly communication with them can assist you to solve each and every difficulty.
  3. Kids should never go up to a stranger’s car and if they insist they should run away and shout for help.
  4. Children trust grown-ups and know that they would support them with things just like their parents do.

So, as a parent, you must make sure that your child is conscious of the fundamental safety rules. If you feel that you or your child need any kind of counseling then you may feel free to contact the best child specialist in Chandan Nagar.