How HPV vaccine is beneficial for your child in cervical cancer prevention

Globally cancer of the cervix uteri is the second most common cancer among women

We would need hpv vaccines to significantly reduce the health care burden currently required for cervical cancer prevention

Frequently asked questions

Why does my child need vaccine?

The HPV vaccine is very effective against cancer caused by HPV

The HPV vaccine is very important because it will help protect your child from the cancers and infectious caused by the virus.

What is HPV

Human papilloma virus

It is a highly transmissible virus and it is primarily transmitted by sexual contact

What diseases does it cause?

Human papillomavirus can cause cancer and precancerous lesions

Why do they need vaccines at a young age?

The higher immunological response is seen in the preadolescent age group

(9 to 13 years) as compared to adolescents and young adult

Is it safe?

Research has proven that the HPV vaccine is very safe

How many dosages are required?

3 doses at 0,2,6 months are recommended with the quadrivalent vaccine and 0,1 and 6 months with the bivalent vaccine.